"Another heart has made the trade Forget it, forget it, forget it I don't understand how a heart is a spade But somehow the vital connection is made"
Álbuns (1)
Músicas (16)
# Música Álbum
1 Line Up Elastica
2 Annie Elastica
3 Connection Elastica
4 Car Song Elastica
5 Smile Elastica
6 Hold Me Now Elastica
7 S.O.F.T Elastica
8 Indian Song Elastica
9 Blue Elastica
10 All-Nighter Elastica
11 Waking Up Elastica
12 2:1 Elastica
13 See That Animal Elastica
14 Stutter Elastica
15 Never Here Elastica
16 Vaseline Elastica
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