Sonic Youth

"It start at the top Now it's spiralling down Works best when it's lost Diggin' under the ground"
Sonic Youth
Álbuns (1)
Músicas (15)
# Música Álbum
1 100% Dirty
2 Swimsuit Issue Dirty
3 Theresa's Sound-world Dirty
4 Drunken Butterfly Dirty
5 Shoot Dirty
6 Wish Fulfillment Dirty
7 Sugar Kane Dirty
8 Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit Dirty
9 Youth Against Fascism Dirty
10 Nic Fit Dirty
11 On The Strip Dirty
12 Chapel Hill Dirty
13 JC Dirty
14 Purr Dirty
15 Créme Brûlèe Dirty
Acessos 2083
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